Free Ebook: 20 Creative Blocks (and How to Break Through Them)

This post is part of the Break Through Your Creative Blocks series.

Ebook cover: 20 Creative BlocksOut of all the blog series I’ve written over the past six years, I’ve never had so many requests for an ebook version as for the Creative Blocks series.

And your wish is my command. 🙂

I’ve collected the entire series into an ebook: 20 Creative Blocks (and How to Break Through Them).

It’s yours to download and share. For free.

No opt-in, no product launch, no hoops or hooplah. Just 20 articles full of practical advice on achieving your creative ambitions.

Download your copy of 20 Creative Blocks (and How to Break Through Them).

If you missed the original series, it began when I invited Lateral Action readers to send in their creative blocks, and started writing blog posts with suggestions for overcoming them.

The project grew arms and legs, and I ended up writing 19 in-depth articles, covering all kinds of creative block, including disorganisation, lack of time, fear of getting it wrong, information overload, taboo, procrastination, kids, creativity v cash, and sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Marelisa Fábrega helped me out by writing a terrific piece on dealing with the Inner Critic, which is included in the ebook.

A special thank you to all of you who sent in your creative blocks, as well as everyone who commented on the posts and enriched the series with your experiences and tips.

For more on the ebook, and the full licensing terms, see the Creative Blocks ebook page.

Enjoy – and please tell your friends. 🙂

Mark McGuinness is a creative coach with over 15 years’ experience of helping people get past their creative blocks. For bite-sized inspiration, follow Mark on Twitter here.

Table of Contents for Break Through Your Creative Blocks

  1. Tell Us Your Creative Blocks – and We’ll Help You Smash Through Them!

How to get creative work done in an "always on" world

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Responses to this Post


  1. Hi Mark:

    Very smart idea to package the entire creative block series into an ebook.

    It will make people’s lives easy.

    I have already downloaded it and all I can say is it’s awesome. Quality, practical advice all in one place.

    Great work Mark and Marelisa


    Sam Lab

  2. I read the whole book this afternoon (being obsessive that way), and want to compliment you on how you handled the content- the stories, the advice, and the crisp writing.

    I recommend you to people all the time in the communities of which I am a part, the Creative Pathfinder course in particular, and now I will add to that recommendation the 20 Creative Blocks ebook.

    It is striking to me what you offer for free, and I have to wonder, in relation to your repeating Seth’s advice to figure out at what you can be the best in the world, whether you are right up there among coaches of creatives.

    Thank you, and again my compliments on the book and your generosity.

    • Thanks Fritzie, glad you like it and I appreciate you spreading the word about my work.

      As for the ‘best in the world’ thing… well, we all need something to aspire to. 😉

  3. Thank you sooooo much. Been a fan since hearing you on “The Accidental Creative”. I just like you down to earth, straight ahead thinking on being creative and not getting blocked. I think going forward with our continuing info overload, this is going to affect more and more people. Thanks again. : >

  4. What people don’t know is that narrow-minded, unsupportive people, whose interests and skills are different from yours, especially if it’s a spouse or significant other, cause creative block.

    • Why do you say people don’t know this, LR? It seems to me people talk about this idea all the time!

    • I’m sure that’s the case for some people, but not all of them. I used the phrase ‘creative blocks’ (not ‘creative block’) in the title to emphasize that there are lots of different types of block – and lots of different solutions.