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Instant Download - Circle Badge RedCreative blocks come in all shapes and sizes.

The most obvious type is the psychological block — a mental barrier you can’t get past, or a powerful emotion (often fear) that makes you shy away from your creative challenges.

Sometimes your personal life gets in the way of your creative work. Maybe a family or relationship issue is taking up all your energy, leaving little or none for creativity. Or maybe your lifestyle is incompatible with getting high-quality creative work done.

Ebook cover: 20 Creative BlocksSometimes it’s a communication issue. You feel demotivated because you can’t find an audience for your work, or persuade key influencers of its value. Or you can’t say ‘no’ to others’ demands, and give away too much of your precious time. Or maybe you’re afraid of what others will think if you reveal too much of yourself in your work.

And sometimes it can be as simple as work habits that don’t work for you. You’ve never really stopped to consider when, where and how you work at your best, so your creativity is swamped by disorganisation (and email).

20 Creative Blocks (and how to break through them) is a free 114-page ebook that covers all these types of block — and offers practical solutions you can use if you ever find yourself blocked.

Free - Hand Drawn RedThe project started as an experiment on my blog, Lateral Action. I posted an invitation to my readers to tell me about their creative blocks, and promised to write a series of blog posts offering solutions to them.

Here’s the list of blocks covered in the ebook. Feel free to download and share it with anyone who you think will find it helpful.

  1. “I’m not creative”
  2. Fear of getting it wrong
  3. Lack of time
  4. Creativity v cash
  5. Disorganisation
  6. The Inner Critic
  7. “I don’t know what to say”
  8. “All blogged out”
  9. Taboo
  10. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll
  11. When inspiration runs out
  12. Taking on too much
  13. Information overload
  14. Kids!
  15. Procrastination
  16. Torn between different ambitions
  17. Afraid to reveal too much online
  18. The problem with success
  19. “Working in a vacuum”
  20. Hitting a brick wall

Download your copy of 20 Creative Blocks (and how to break through them)

Mark McGuinness

Mark McGuinness

I’m a poet who earns a living as a coach and trainer for creative professionals, based at

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