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Mark McGuinnessHosted by poet and creative coach Mark McGuinness, The 21st Century Creative podcast helps you succeed as a creative professional amid the demands, distractions, and opportunities of the 21st century.

Each episode features insights from Mark and interviews with outstanding creators – including artists, writers, performers, commercial creatives, directors, producers, entrepreneurs and other creative thought leaders.

You can also take part in the Creative Challenge set by Mark’s guest at the end of every episode – to be completed the same week the show goes out. (Yes, there are prizes.)

The show is released in seasons of 10 episodes – and every season is carefully composed, with a balance of topics including creativity, personal and professional development, and creative entrepreneurship, as well as guests drawn from a range of creative fields.

Each episode can be listened to as a standalone – and it builds on ideas from previous episodes. So to get the most out of each season, start with the first episode in that season and listen to them in order.

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Season One

In which we identify the big challenges and opportunities for 21st century creatives, discover that fiction is often truer than truth, explore the virtual worlds of the future, resist the seductions of email, and reconnect with our authentic voices.

21st Century Creative logoEpisode 1: The Power of Community for Creative Professionals with Scott Belsky

Episode 2: Truth and Fiction with Steven Pressfield

Episode 3: How Virtual Reality Will Shape Our Future with Fabrice Bourrelly

Episode 4: Designing a Global Small Business with Laurie Millotte

Episode 5: The Successful Creative Mindset with Joanna Penn