The Successful Creative Mindset with Joanna Penn

Episode 5 title graphic: The Successful Creative Mindset with Joanna Penn

This week’s guest on the 21st Century Creative Podcast is Joanna Penn, a best-selling, award-nominated thriller writer, as well as a publishing expert and host of The Creative Penn Podcast.

Joanna PennJoanna is here to talk about mindset for creatives – specifically, the attitudes and ambitions that distinguish creatives who struggle from those who succeed – according to their own definition of success.

She has written extensively about this topic in her book The Successful Author Mindset. For this interview, I’ve asked her to widen the focus to include all kinds of creatives – the essential psychology is the same, so this interview is not just for writers!

One new release from Jo that is just for writers is the new edition of her book How to Market a Book, which is now available for pre-order.

How to Market a Book cover shotJo is constantly researching publishing news and trends, and experimenting with the latest marketing methods. Whether you’re self published or traditionally published, if you want to know what works and (what doesn’t) in book marketing in 2017, this is the book to read.

Also for authors is The Author 2.0 Blueprint – a free ebook and email series on how to write, self-publish and market your book.

In the first part of the show, I talk about why 21st Century Creatives should forget the career ladder, and start creating assets.

Take Joanna Penn’s Creative Challenge (and win her book on the creative mindset)

Every week, at the end of the show, I ask my guest to set you a Creative Challenge – something practical you can do that will help you put the ideas from the show into action.

The Successful Author Mindset cover shotHere’s how you can take part – and maybe win the prize of a copy of Joanna’s book The Successful Author Mindset. Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll find the book is backed with insights and advice on the mindset that will help you succeed on your own terms as a creative professional.

1. Listen to the interview part of the show, either in the player above or on iTunes or your favourite podcast platform.

2. The Challenge is to write down your definition of success for the next year AND the next 5 years.

In other words, what do you want to achieve – creatively, professionally, personally – in (a) in the next 12 months and (b) by 2022?

Joanna encourages you to be as specific as possible, and to make the commitment in writing because by writing it down, you’re starting to make it happen.

3. Once you’ve completed the challenge, leave a comment below this post describing your definition of success.

You have until midnight United States Pacific time on Friday 30th June 2017 to complete the challenge and leave your comment.

4. Once the challenge has finished, I will pick 3 winners at random from the comments, who will receive the prize of the desktop background and your choice of one of my books for creatives.

5. Over the weekend I will send a bonus recording with my feedback on your comments and what we can all learn from the challenge. I’ll be looking through the comments for common patterns, whether that’s ways a lot of you get stuck, or great solutions you’re finding to the challenge. I’ll also be sharing reflections and advice from my own experience as a writer and a coach.

6. As usual the feedback recording will NOT be released on iTunes or anywhere else the show is syndicated. It will only be available via the 21st Century Creative mailing list – click here to join the list (and get a free Creative Career course).

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Mark McGuinness is a poet, a coach for creative professionals, and the host of The 21st Century Creative Podcast.

Designing a Global Small Business with Laurie Millotte

Episode 4 title graphic: Designing a Global Small Business with Laurie Millotte

This week’s guest on the 21st Century Creative Podcast is Laurie Millotte, designer and founder of

Laurie MillotteOn a round-the-world tip, Laurie spent time in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and other countries. And not only did she manage to keep running her existing design business from her laptop, she designed and created an entirely new business – Outshinery.

Outshinery takes a new approach to product photography for the wine and beer industries, using 3D digital technology to create images without the hassle of shipping bottles of alcoholic liquid to photographers’ studios. It means they can deliver ‘bottle shots before the wine is bottled’.

The Outshinery team are spread across 3 continents and 4 office spaces, but use technology and teamwork to get things done together.

If you’re curious about the idea of combining exotic travel with your creative work, or if you’re a creative service provider who would like to have more income and impact without having to work longer and longer hours, you’ll find this an eye-opening and inspiring conversation.

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How Virtual Reality Will Shape Our Future with Fabrice Bourrelly

Episode 3 title graphic: How Virtual Reality Will Shape Our Future with Fabrice Bourrelly

This week’s guest on the 21st Century Creative Podcast is Fabrice Bourrelly, artist, architect and Virtual Reality designer.

Fabrice BourrellyAs Fabrice talks about his development as a creator, the conversation ranges from the cave paintings of southern France, to raves in 90s Paris, collaboration with Thomas Heatherwick, Google and Epic Games, and how virtual reality will shape the future of fields as diverse as architecture, medicine and shopping.

It’s a mind-boggling journey that will be of interest to anyone curious about the role of the artist in the 21st century.

You can view some of Fabrice’s life drawings in the gallery of his website.

The video below gives a glimpse of some of his dazzling architectural visualisations. For more videos, and tutorials on how to create 3D worlds yourslf, check out Fabrice’s YouTube channel.

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Steven Pressfield on Truth and Fiction

Episode 2 title graphic: Truth and Fiction with Steven Pressfield

This week’s guest on the 21st Century Creative Podcast is Steven Pressfield, author of the creativity classic The War of Art and a string of other bestselling fiction and nonfiction books.

Steven Pressfield in NYCIn today’s show Steve talks about his latest novel, The Knowledge, which he describes as “the origin story of The War of Art“, based on his life as a taxi driver and struggling novelist in 1970s New York. He reflects on the relationship between truth and fiction in his writing, and explains the artistic and editorial decisions he made when fictionalising from his own life experience.

Steve also has some forthright and provocative things to say about some of the myths about creativity that we allow to hold us back – so I’m expecting howls of protest from some quarters this week!

You can pick up The Knowledge via Steve’s imprint, Black Irish Books, as well as Amazon and all the usual bookstores.

I recommend you also subscribe to Steve’s blog, where he shares his hard-won creative wisdom every week.

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Introducing the 21st Century Creative Podcast, with Scott Belsky on Creative Community

Episode 1 title graphic: The power of creative community with Scott Belsky

Today is the launch of my podcast The 21st Century Creative. It’s designed to help you thrive as a creative professional amid the demands, distractions and opportunities of the brave new world of the 21st century.

We’re living at a time of unprecedented opportunity for enterprising, outward-looking creators. And you’ve probably noticed we don’t have our challenges to seek either – creatively, personally, professionally, politically and environmentally.

So I thought it was time for a show that addresses these issues, from your perspective as a creative professional. I’ll be taking the lead and sharing my thoughts on them in a series of short talks in the first part of each episode. In today’s episode I introduce the show, explain what it’s all about and how it will work (the format is a little different to most podcasts).

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