Steven Pressfield’s New Book for Creators

Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*tThe book I recommend most often to my coaching clients is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – based on his own struggles en route to becoming a best-selling novelist, it’s indispensable reading for anyone who wants to create or achieve something amazing with their life.

Steve just told me he has a new book out – Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t – and right now you can pick up the ebook edition for free.

EDIT: The launch offer has ended, so the book is no longer free, but having read it and highlighted LOTS of Steve’s advice, I would say this is essential reading if you are serious about making your writing count.

Here’s how he describes it:

The title comes from the first and most important lesson I ever learned as a writer, on the very first day of my very first job, as a junior copywriter for Benton & Bowles Advertising in New York. What the phrase means is that because readers are inevitably busy, impatient, easily-distracted, i.e. they don’t want to read your sh*t, it’s incumbent on you and me as writers to make our stuff so interesting, so sexy, so unusual, so compelling that a reader would have to be crazy NOT to read it.

As usual with Steve’s non-fiction writing, it’s based on his experience as a writer, but the lessons apply to just about any creative endeavour: whether you’re trying to make it as an artist, creative, performer or entrepreneur, you learn pretty fast how tough it is to get people to pay attention to your work.

The book spans his several careers, from Madison Avenue copywriter to Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling author, and it’s full of entertaining stories and his usual pithy advice – in this case, on how to deal with the world’s indifference and get your readers (or audience, or customers) to sit up and take notice.

Click here to pick up your copy.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I also bought your new book. I am looking forward to reading that , since i have always gotten a lot from just reading your posts.

    Thank you for all that you do,
    beth vendryes williams

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ve got the Steven Pressfield in my Kindle. The title alone reminds me of what I’ve been saying for years.

  3. I love his non fiction books, I am reading the War of Art right now, but I think Do The Work is the best of that trilogy as it’s more practical, rather than just ideas.

    This seems interesting…

    Except it’s not free? it’s $9.95?

    • Hi Mark, looks like the launch offer has ended, so I’ve updated my original post. If you liked Do the Work I’d think you would like this one – maybe check out the Kindle preview to help you decide?