Lou Needs a Clue

Lou Needs a Clue

Lou has an MBA, and Lou gets things done.

But Lou’s five-year vision is not going to work out like he thinks.

In fact, the only thing that’s truly done may be his career.


Check out this first animated video from Lateral Action. You’ll meet Lou, and find out why he needs to get a clue as soon as possible.

The 21st Century Creative Podcast

The 21st Century Creative Podcast

Hosted by poet and creative coach Mark McGuinness, The 21st Century Creative podcast helps you succeed as a creative professional amid the demands, distractions, and opportunities of the 21st century.

Each episode features insights from Mark and interviews with outstanding creators – including artists, writers, performers, commercial creatives, directors, producers, entrepreneurs and other creative thought leaders.

Guests include Steven Pressfield, Scott Belsky, Jocenlyn K. Glei, Joanna Penn and Michael Bungay Stanier.

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  1. cool idea, i love de bono and his thinking method. subscribed!

  2. So far, so good. I’m subscribing too.

  3. Awesome! How did you make the video… if you don’t mind sharing your secrets!

  4. Hey;

    I think I was Lou once!



  5. Brian,

    I like the idea behind this site. I can no doubt assume that it was, at least somewhat, inspired by Thomas Friedman’s writings in The World Is Flat.

    I was deeply motivated and inspired by Friedman’s writing and I am excited by the future of the ‘creative class’.

    It seems that a lot of great minds are converging on this ‘creative capitalism’ idea right now. Bill Gates spoke of it in a speech he gave recently, Friedman has written about it and there was a recent marketing book highlighting this growing segment of the population.

    The book is called Karma Queens, Geek Gods, and Innerpreneurs. It highlights the growing trend in entrepreneurship whereas people are motivated to start businesses by their creative drive, need for personal growth and desire to make a difference. I began writing about this topic back in May on my blog, Rise of the Innerpreneur.

    I am interested to see where you take this site. And I am excited to find another mind that is “spreading the word”.

  6. Ed de Bono is a favourite author of mine, so I’m pleased to subscribe to your feed. Lateral thinking is vital in the design industry.

  7. Great video. Piqued interest. Had to manually enter in my newsreader. Check your feed link syntax.

  8. Hey guys, would quite like some of the organizational skills of Lou to help focus the never ending stream of ideas – I guess that’s partly what
    productivity + creativity is all about ? Looking forward immensely to Lateral Action…

    Glen Crosier
    Brighton, UK

  9. Like everyone else, I’m excited about following this site. Productivity + Creativity = Success is a great launching point. And the saddest thing I’ve seen is highly creative people without the confidence to put their ideas out there.

    Looking forward to what comes next…

  10. Work from exotic locales or that screenplay… lol. Reminds me of that “reverse funnel system” dude.

    The sad thing is the cool bloggers of the world may be outsourced and replaced by scrapers, computer programs, etc. too.

    Debbie Downer

  11. Love the cartoon! A nice change from other marketing videos I’ve seen, lately.

  12. I’m very interested to see where this goes, especially the de Bono angle. Sometimes it seems that creativity and productivity are in opposition to each other, so it’s great to hear ways to bring them together.

  13. Love the concept and looking forward to more. 🙂

  14. i totally don’t want to be like Lou..subscribe i must…love the vid, hope you can help me with a long-term creative plan…

  15. i don’t now, Lou make mistake with his choice ? who care … subscribe !

  16. Brian,

    Cool video; I’m subscribed & looking forward to more.

    Lou reminds me of those boring accountants we like to make jokes about!


  17. I remember meeting Edward de Bono when he spoke at my school in Scotland in the early 70s. I think that lateral thinking really describes creativity for people who are not naturally creative or not confident enough to originate ideas.

    Your idea of, I guess, developing a means of organising creativity and/or helping the organised to become creative is interesting, albeit that this could be described as trying to mix oil and water / right brain and left brain etc?

    However, since the addition of an emulsifier permits oil and water to mix, sort of, perhaps Lateral Action may become the web’s equivalent of Lecithin?

    I shall look forward to seeing where this goes.

  18. Great idea Brian

    Looks like yet another site to check in my daily reading!


  19. Hi Brian – From Copyblogger to Teaching Sells and now this!

    What a way to kick off the conversation on this topic!

    Here’s what I loved about this first video:

    (a) Cartoon – a different approach to video on the web today (Tony, you’ve got skills),

    (b) Compelling presentation for choosing a different path in life – there’s another way to achieving the success YOU want than following the B-school path to corporate America. Lou doesn’t have a clue. He’s “caught up”.

    (c) Brought to life some of what Steven Pressfield vividly describes in his book, The War of Art: “Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” Lou doesn’t have a clue.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Lou’s journey unfolds…

    Waiting for more,

  20. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to see the next videos.


  21. Lots o’fun! (Looks like time stands still in Lou’s cubicle.) Look forward to seeing where this goes. Good luck.

  22. Well done Mark, I love this idea and can’t wait to see more videos.