Lou Has a Killer Idea

Lou Has a Killer Idea

Lou went to graduate school for business administration.

Lou knows how to administer business, and that’s what Lou does.

In fact, Lou’s a master at it. Says so right there on the wall.

But lately, everyone seems to want him to do more, be more creative, solve more problems.

Lou is really starting to resent people like Jack and Marla… until he has what he thinks is the killer idea.

See what Lou’s thinking in the fourth Lateral Action animated video:

Lou Has a Killer Idea.

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The 21st Century Creative Podcast

The 21st Century Creative Podcast

Hosted by poet and creative coach Mark McGuinness, The 21st Century Creative podcast helps you succeed as a creative professional amid the demands, distractions, and opportunities of the 21st century.

Each episode features insights from Mark and interviews with outstanding creators – including artists, writers, performers, commercial creatives, directors, producers, entrepreneurs and other creative thought leaders.

Guests include Steven Pressfield, Scott Belsky, Jocenlyn K. Glei, Joanna Penn and Michael Bungay Stanier.

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  1. Love the cartoon! Such a nice change from other marketing videos I’ve seen lately… Looks like yet another site to check in my daily reading!

  2. Your videos is so spot-on! Looking forward to see where this goes!

  3. Found you via Chris Brogan. Loving this animated series. 🙂

  4. I wanna know Lou’s idea…. talk about a cliffhanger!

  5. How funny I was just thinking yesterday that I really wanted LA to come out with another video and it’s a cliff hanger. I’m interested to see where this is going next.

  6. Diggin’ the vids. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story.