The Best of Lateral Action 2010

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It’s time to take a break for the holidays, so here’s a selection of the best of Lateral Action in 2010, the second full year of the blog.

A big thank you to all of you for reading, commenting, Tweeting and otherwise helping to make it a creative and productive year. And special thanks to the guest writers and interviewees who contributed their insights, advice and inspiration.

Have a wonderful holiday, and I look forward to seeing you in 2011.


Creativity and Productivity

Creative Doing Beats Creative Thinking by Mark

Don’t Let ‘Inspiration’ Kill Your Creativity by Amy Harrison

Are These Two Creativity Myths Holding You Back? by Tobias Tinker

Yes, the Internet Is Changing Your Brain by Mark

Can Anyone Be an Artist? by Mark

Switch off Your Social Self – Switch on Your Creativity by Cath Duncan

Do You Worry that You’re ‘Just Not Creative’? by Mark

7 Ways to Smash Procrastination by Mark

Is Fear of ‘Getting it Wrong’ Holding You Back? by Mark

Turbo-Charge Your Productivity with Ultradian Rhythms by Sami Paju

How to Deal with Stinging Criticism by Cynthia Morris

The Benefits of Losing Control by Mark

How to Grow Your Imagination in Secret by Mike Kammerling

Does Having Kids Spell the End for Your Creativity? by Mark

How to Stop Information Overload Crushing Your Creativity by Mark

Four Reasons Why You Need a Muse by Matt Cardin

Brainstorming: Breaking Through the Wall of Mediocrity by Mark Dykeman

Are You in Your Creative Element? by Justine Musk

How to Create Your Own Blogger Stage-Fright – and then Kick Its Ass by James Chartrand

Four Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic by Marelisa Fabrega

Is Disorganisation Stifling Your Creativity? by Mark

Why a Bad Memory’s Not Such a Bad Thing by Mark

Four Excuses to Quit (and What to Do About Them) by Conrad Walton

Why Passion Beats Perfection by Amy Harrison

The Most Urgent Thing on Your Schedule Today by Mark

Creative Entrepreneurship

10 Essential Blogs for Creative Entrepreneurs by Mark

5 Things You Don’t Need to Sell Your Art (and 5 Things You Do) by Tyler Tervooren

Marketing by Numbers: Why Creatives Need to Do the Math by Cory Huff

The Four Stages of Freelance Success by Robert Vlach

The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Lasting Happiness by Peter Shallard


The War of Art (text) and The Art of Doing Remarkable Things (audio) – two interviews with Steven Pressfield

Why ‘Business as Usual’ Doesn’t Work Online – Brian Clark interviews Jason Fried (audio)

Do More Great Work – an Interview with Michael Bungay Stanier

The Art of Nonconformity – an Interview with Chris Guillebeau

How to get creative work done in an "always on" world

Productivity for Creative People

Mark McGuinness' latest book Productivity for Creative People is a is a collection of insights, tips, and techniques to help you carve out time for your most important work – amid the demands and distractions of 21st century life.

“Of all the writers I know, I have learned the most about how to be a productive creative person from Mark. His tips are always realistic, accessible, and sticky. It’s not just talk, this is productivity advice that will change your life.”

Jocelyn Glei, author and Founding Editor, 99U

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  1. What an awesome year for Lateral Action and I am so glad I found this site. Very much looking forward to what you’ll be offering in the future. Keep it up.