Why “Business as Usual” Doesn’t Work Online

Jason Fried

  • Why is it when some people hate you, you’re doing something right?
  • What’s the most effective form of online marketing?
  • How do you decide what to make and sell?
  • Why is doing less the key to achieving more?
  • What’s more important, talent or action?

These are just a few of the topics from my discussion with Jason Fried, President of 37signals, and the co-author of Getting Real and the New York Times bestseller Rework.

Jason and I dive a little deeper into many of the topics contained in Rework, including effective online marketing, creator-centered product development, the importance of doing things that really matter, and why you should just do less. Explore these topics and more with us in this free audio seminar.

If you’re trying to get something of your own started up, you don’t want to miss this.

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Download the mp3 here.

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Responses to this Post


  1. Thanks guys.

    A’ really liked listenin’ tae this interview.

    It made me feel a lot better aboot whit a’ am tryin’ tae dae wi’ ma website.



  2. Success from a plan B, which really wasn’t a plan, but a happenstance. Opportunity strikes. Opportunity is seized. WHAM! Opportunity soars past the “we-thought-THIS-was-our-business!”

    REWORK is among my favorite biz books of all time! Why? Because like the authors, it’s different, unique and remarkable.

    Thanks for doing this – both of you!

  3. Enjoyed this talk with Jason Fried. I’ve read REWORK and I hear many of the same themes repeated by Jason in this interview. Good stuff.

  4. That’s amazing

    He’s soo inspiring, and I luv the way he does business. 37 seven is such a cool company, I especially digg basecamp.
    Thanx for sharing this inspiring and creative blast !

  5. Wow what a great interview! So many great points, it would be so nice if companies would use this kind of common sense.

  6. Ooooh, now this is some powerful stuff. Definitely gonna check it out and give it a listen 🙂

    37Signals is ridiculously inspirational – thanks for sharing the interview.

  7. Been particularly inspired by Jason over the last few weeks, having read both books.

    Our latest venture is being built on these Getting Real principles and to contribute to the community, we’re documenting our experiences of following these principles in an online diary at:


    We started from the first ‘chance meeting’ and are continuing until we’ve made our first million 😉

    Thanks for a great interview.

  8. Good job Brian, it’s always a pleasure to hear Jason destroying stupid ideas of our market and giving a fresh new place to the smart ones.

    By the way, you know what? I think we need to blog more about this: being destructive with ideas that are stupid is underestimated.

    Isn’t exactly that what brings new space for a fresh view on things?
    Isn’t exactly that what gives us all a better chance to adapt?