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Jay from the Money Mistakes ebookIf you’d like some free financial advice for your creative business, you may like to know Sarah Thelwall and I have just launched an email newsletter called Creative Money Tips.

Every month or so, we’re sending out a new article with practical advice to help you manage the money side of your creative business – covering topics such as pricing, accounting, negotiating, getting paid (on time!), and reconciling creativity and commerce.

Unlike most publications about small business finance, this one is written by two people who understand your priorities as a creative person – so we’ll focus on the bits you need to know to keep your creative business profitable and sustainable, and explain them in plain English.

(If you’re new to Lateral Action, Sarah’s the founder of MyCake and an expert on financial management for creative businesses – I can help people with their mindset and emotions around money and creativity, but when it comes to the hard numbers, I send them to Sarah!)

Oscar from the Money Mistakes ebookThe first tip covers a question we’ve frequently heard from our clients – Should you publish your prices?

Short answer: It depends. For the full answer, you can sign up here.

As well as the Creative Money Tips emails, when you sign up for the newsletter you’ll also receive our 75-minute audio seminar 5 Essential Money Skills for Creative People.

(If you’ve already signed up for the audio seminar, there’s no need to join the list again – you’ll receive an email from us to tell you about the tips.)

And in case you’re wondering, the tips are designed to be useful whether or not you’ve signed up for the in-depth program Money for Creative People – though of course you’ll get more out of any financial advice if you have taken the course.

So if you’d like to receive the audio seminar and ongoing Creative Money Tips, here’s where you can sign up.

And if you know anyone who could do with a little help managing the finances of their creative business, please forward this link to them.

Last but not least, be sure to have an awesome weekend. 🙂

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