A Free Guide to Creating a Blog with Impact

If you’re interested in the potential of blogging to open up opportunities for your creative career or business, I recommend you spend some time with a new free guide from Rajesh Setty called Blogtastic: Growing and making a difference through blogging.

It’s not your typical introduction to blogging, and certainly not a ‘get rich quick by bloggin’ ebook. Raj is very up front about the fact that it takes time to build an influential blog, and the rewards and fulfilment you gain from it come at a price.

But he’s also very good at highlighting some of the non-obvious benefits of blogging, in the personal and business spheres. And a big part of the book’s value is the way he gets you to think beyond the idea of ‘blogging’ and focus on your core purpose and how a blog can help you realise it.

Raj is a great example of the approach he advocates in Blogtastic – he has been blogging himself for many years, using his blog as a catalyst for his work as an an entrepreneur, author, speaker and ‘business alchemist’.

We met several years ago (via our blogs of course) and if you’ve been reading Lateral Action for a while, you’ll know that Raj is a guest author who has written some of the most popular articles on this blog.

When he was writing the book, Raj emailed me to ask me to contribute to it, by answering this question:

What do you wish you knew about blogging before you started blogging?

You can read my answer – and the answers of thirty more experienced bloggers – in the final section of Blogtastic, which is a nice complement to the 100+ pages of advice from Raj.

I don’t feature many blogging resources, but if you’re interested in writing a blog with impact, Raj’s guide is definitely worth your while. You can download your copy for free here.

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