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The Best of Lateral Action 2010

Profile of a tiger against the snow

Image by Tambako the Jaguar

It’s time to take a break for the holidays, so here’s a selection of the best of Lateral Action in 2010, the second full year of the blog.

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Four Excuses to Quit (and What to Do About Them)

Atmospheric photo of the Shore Temple - Mahaballipuram

Image by Jeff Medaugh

I’m sure you are more successful than I am. I’m struggling to learn everything I can to make my online business a success.

I’m reading and learning everything I can about writing headlines, compelling content, social proof, and unique selling propositions. My dream is to make enough money selling my products online so that I can be location independent.

As I analyzed why I’m not living in my island paradise yet, the words from a song I loved growing up ran through my head. In the song ‘I’m Free’, (yes, I’m that old) Roger Daltrey sang this:

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