What do you want from Season 2
of The 21st Century Creative?

Mark McGuinnessI’m currently working on Season 2 of The 21st Century Creative, and I want to make it as relevant and helpful as possible for your development as a creative professional.

So if there’s a burning question you’d like to see me address on the show, or a particular challenge you’re facing in your creative career or business, that you’d like some help with, let me know!

You can send me a message using the form below.

I can’t promise to reply to every message individually, or to incorporate every request into the show, but I will definitely read every single one carefully, and consider them as I put Season 2 together.

Please note: I’d like to hear about the topics and questions and challenges you’d like me to cover on the show. I’m not looking for volunteers to appear on the show, so please don’t send proposals for interviews – the seasonal format means there are very few interview slots available, and these are by invitation only.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your suggestions, and will do my best to make Season 2 even better than Season 1!

Mark McGuinness