Creativity + Money Skills = Success

If you’re a creative freelancer or entrepreneur, there are more exciting things in your life than spreadsheets.

But you neglect the financial side of your business at your peril – apart from the obvious disadvantages of not being on top of your finances, money worries make it hard to do your best creative work.

Unfortunately most guides to small business accounting and finance make the Financial Times look like a gripping read.

And apart from their sheer dullness, they are all written for ‘straight’ business owners, who don’t share your artistic or creative passions.

So if you’d like some help with the money side of your creative business, from people who understand creativity as well as finances, you’re welcome to sign up for our FREE Creative Money Tips.

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1. Audio seminar: 5 Essential Money Skills
for Creative People

A 75-minute audio recording full of practical advice to help you achieve your creative and commercial ambitions, by showing you how to avoid the typical ‘money mistakes’ made by creatives – as described in the ebook 5 Big Mistakes Creative People Make with Money.

(If you’ve not read the ebook yet, click here to download your copy.)

Topics we cover include:

  • How to earn a good living from your creativity without selling out
  • What Mozart thought about money
  • How keeping regular accounts can change your life (seriously)
  • Why your reasons for charging low fees are almost certainly bad ones
  • What to do about crap clients
  • Why you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone
  • How to keep your expenses in check

The 75-minute seminar is in MP3 format so you can download it and listen on your preferred media player.

“Days later, your free audio that I listened to keeps re-appearing in various ways. For one: integrity in my finances monthly. My sense of my self worth has increased. Ideas for marketing are arriving daily as I am still while working. I noticed a BIG time issue of selling my work vs ‘the tax man’ and filling out year end forms. (Old mindset: Why sell? Just keep creating. NEW mindset: you are so gifted: SHARE your gift.)

“You two are awesome! Thank you.”

Jan Sessions

2. Creative Money Tips

Every month or so we’ll send you a practical Creative Money Tip, in the form of an article with practical advice on running the finances of your creative business.

Topics include pricing, accounting, negotiating, getting paid (on time!), and reconciling creativity and commerce.

Who this is for

We’ve created the seminar for the very particular needs of creative business owners:

  • Creative freelancers of all kinds
  • Independent artists
  • Creative entrepreneurs

Creativity + Money Skills = Success

Sarah and I are working together on this project because we realised that we each have part of the solution to the money stresses that are an all-too-familiar story for creative people.

My specialism is the mindset and emotions surrounding creativity and money – in particular how to adopt a healthy, fear-free attitude to money, and how to achieve your commercial ambitions while retaining your artistic integrity.

Sarah’s expertise is in the hard numbers, the big decisions you need to make, and the practical systems you need to set up to keep the financial side of your business running smoothly and profitably.

In the ebook, seminar and Money Tips, we show you how to deal with the emotions associated with money, as well as explaining practical steps you can take to build a business that looks less like Oscar’s and more like Jay’s.

We had a lot of fun putting these materials together, and we’ve done our best to avoid the dry-as-dust tone of most financial advice. We know you’d rather be creating things than crunching numbers, so we’ve avoided abstract theory and jargon, and focused on teaching you essential practical skills.

Get started right away

To get instant access to the ebook and seminar, followed by the Creative Money Tips, simply enter your email address and press ‘submit’. Then look out for an email from us…

Sarah and I have done our best to pack as much valuable advice as possible into these materials – we hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

Your Teachers

Mark McGuinness

Mark McGuinnessI’m a poet who earns my living as a coach and trainer for other creative professionals.

I started coaching artists and other creative professionals in 1996. Since then I’ve worked with visual artists, photographers, writers, actors, filmmakers, designers, musicians, architects — and people working in a host of other creative fields.

I’ve also consulted for organisations including the BBC, Channel 4, Arts & Business, and the UK’s Institute for Practitioners in Advertising, Cultural Leadership Programme and Arts Council, as well as many creative agencies and studios.

I write two of the most popular creativity blogs in the world – Lateral Action and Wishful Thinking – and am also the author of several successful ebooks, and the co-creator (with Brian Clark, Tony Clark and Sonia Simone) of The Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap, an in-depth training program for 21st century creative entrepreneurs.

I’m collaborating with Sarah Thelwall to produce the Creative Money Tips materials, as well as the in-depth guide to finacial management for creative businesses, Money for Creative People.

Sarah Thelwall

Mark McGuinnessI’m a strategist and business development consultant who specialises in the Creative Industries.

I have a particular interest in ensuring that folks match their business models to their personal business style and to the stage and structure of growth they intend.

I work directly with entrepreneurs as well as with national & sectoral UK agencies such as NESTA, NCGE & NStar Finance.

I’m also the founder of MyCake, an online toolkit to help you manage the financial side of your creative business simply and easily.

I publish a regular Culture Benchmark, enabling arts and culture organisations to compare their financial performance to others within the creative sector.

I’ve teamed up with Mark on the Creative Money Tips materials, as well as our in-depth course Money for Creative People.

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