Now in Paperback – Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success

Since I released my book Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success for Kindle and other e-readers last year, lots of people have asked me for a print edition.

I’m pleased to say Resilience is now available as a paperback for those of you, like me, who like the look and feel of a ‘real’ book. 🙂

It’s a practical guide to dealing with the rejection and criticism you inevitably encounter when you set out to achieve something remarkable with your life.

I’ve been very touched by the emails, comments and reviews I’ve received from readers, telling me Resilience has helped them when they really needed it.

So if you’re struggling with rejection and/or criticism in your creative career or business, I’m confident the book will give you some practical inspiration.

It’s taken a while to produce the paperback edition, because I wanted to take as much care with the design as I did with the writing, and create a book I’d be pleased to have on my own bookshelf, or give to a friend.

So I commissioned Irene Hoffman, who designed the vibrant cover for Resilience, to typeset and design the print edition.

I’m thrilled with what Irene has produced – a book that not only looks great, but is easy to read, and to refer back to when you need it.

On a personal level, as a lifelong book lover, and after years of creating digital products, it’s very satisfying to hold a physical book in my hand.

Resilience is now available in paperback from Amazon, and as an ebook from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. I hope you find it helpful!

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  1. Congratulations!

  2. I wanted “Resilience” so bad I bought the digital version. It is the one and only digital book I’ve ever bought. I just wasn’t gonna wait until the paperback came out.

    Now I’ll be delighted to mark up my paper copy.

    A book should be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing Irene’s work.

  3. Hey Mark,
    Just got the print version today. I have to say I much prefer print books to digital books, for the most part. Looking it over, there’s a lot more content than I expected!
    Look forward to reading and thanks for letting us know it became available in print. Looks really excellent with your self published label, as well. Very cool and congrats!
    Best, Scott

  4. christine swinson says:

    Hi Mark,

    I just ordered the print version yesterday from .com and look forward to receiving it! As the others have said, I, too, prefer a hard copy, especially in nonfiction. Thanks!