When Have You Felt Most Alive?

Cartoon: Love without harmony, isn't

Image by Hugh MacLeod

What moments of your life do you remember most vividly? The ones where you felt most alive?

What difference have those moments made to your life?

Is it possible to recapture that feeling?

These are some of the questions that went into a recent guest article I wrote for Hugh MacLeod’s Gapingvoid blog. Hugh is running a series where he invites bloggers to write on the theme ‘Remember Who You Are’, which he recently adopted as the slogan for Gapingvoid.

My piece is called ‘Remember Yourself’.

The others in the series so far are by Seth Godin, AV Flox, Everett Bogue, Vinny Warren, JP Rangaswami, Faris Yakob, Brian Solis and Pam Slim.

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