Make This Year Different

Hand grasping a thunderbolt

If last year was difficult, make this year different.
If last year was fear, make this year fight.
If last year was glum, make this year glad.
If last year disappointed, make this year deliver.
If last year was meh, make this year more.
If last year was weary, make this year worthwhile.
If last year was empty, make effort this year.
If last year took forever, make this year fly.
If last year was snow, make this year spring.
If last year was drizzle, make this year a downpour.
If last year was Fail Whale, make this year Feelgooder.
If last year was tanking, make this year trending.
If last year was a write-off, make this year remarkable.
If last year was sandbox, search harder this year.
If last year was grim-faced, make this year grin.
If last year was a Dip, make this year top dog.
If last year was pants, make this year cat’s pyjamas.
If last year has bolted, bring this year to heel.
If last year was shy, make this year surefooted.
If last year was workshy, make this year work harder.
If last year was tough, be tougher this year.
If last year was broken, make this year better.
If last year was so-so, make this year better.
If last year was great, make this year better.
If last year was difficult, make this year different.

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Responses to this Post


  1. Thanks for this, Mark. I’m making this year more and better. Cheers!

  2. My pleasure Mitch, hope it’s a good year for you!

  3. Such a brilliant New Year’s Resolutions Poem!

    I entirely love the maximumly-driven, relentlessly-optimistic, unstoppably-enterprising spirit running throughout the poem!

    Thank you Mark, and I sincerely wish the best 2011 for all of us!!!!

  4. I know I was a day late, but I loved seeing this in my inbox this morning. Got me jazzed up for my first day back to work! It really inspires you to take charge without doing the whole “resolutions” thing – which are easy promises to break, really. At its core, it simply states “Make it different, make it better.” Which is a much easier goal to keep.

    Happy New Year’s, Mark! All the best in the New Year!