How to Publish Direct to Kindle and Hit No.2 on the New York Times Bestseller List

C J LyonsThe book industry is in turmoil and many publishers are tearing their hair out.

But the changes have created some amazing new opportunities for writers – and CJ Lyons is living proof.

CJ is a Pediatric ER Doctor turned bestselling author of ‘thrillers with heart’.

In this audio interview I talk to her about how she published her novel Blind Faith direct to Kindle and promoted it to her audience of passionate fans via her website and mailing list.

She asked her readers to help her ‘make a dream come true’ by breaking into the Amazon Top 20. In the event, they responded with such enthusiasm that her novel reached No.2 on the New York Times Bestseller List, selling well over 200,000 copies.

As you can imagine, those legions of enthusiastic fans didn’t come from nowhere overnight. CJ worked really hard to attract them – and deliver such a great experience that they were only too eager to snap up her latest book.

CJ took The Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap course in January 2011. I’m always thrilled to hear students’ success stories, so I was delighted when she told me what she’d been up to with the ideas from the program.

I was even more pleased when she kindly agreed to share her story. By the end of the conversation I was buzzing, and I know you’ll feel the same way after spending some time with CJ.

In the interview CJ explains:

  • How she found time to write novels while working a punishing schedule as an ER Doctor
  • A very unusual way to promote a book (the paper variety)
  • The wrong way – and the right way – to build a mailing list of thousands of readers
  • Why it pays to be generous to your fans
  • The path she followed to reach No.2. on the New York Times Bestseller List – with a novel she published direct to Kindle

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To see what all the fuss is about visit CJ’s fiction website And for writing tips and advice visit her No Rules Just Write website.

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  1. So inspiring! Thanks for doing this interview Mark! I especially liked the ‘abundance’ mentality that she (and obviously yourself) advocate. Very useful for me as I endeavour to launch my own online creative entrepreneurial project…coming soon! Look forward to hearing more about your Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap Course. Kerri Ho