How to build more freedom
into your creative business

An interview with Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison

Today you can learn how to build more lifestyle freedom into your creative business as we follow another Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap success story – Amy Harrison.

Scroll down now and listen to Amy tell you how she transformed her freelance business from a treadmill of dull client work to a creative micro-enterprise that brings her creative fulfilment as well as commercial success.

You’ll definitely hear a few lessons you can use today to start taking the drudge work out of your creative business.

Amy was one of the very first students to take The Creative Entrepreneur Roadmap course. In this interview she talks about reflecting on what you really want from your creative business – and then making it happen.

In this interview, Amy tells you:

  • How she ‘cherry picked’ the most enjoyable (and profitable) parts of her business and dumped the rest
  • How she found her ideal clients – and keeps finding more of them
  • Why freelancing isn’t always the best way to find freedom
  • The ROI of giving away her advice for free
  • The lifestyle benefits of building a business she controls
  • Why firing all her clients ended up making her more successful

This is one of the most popular interviews I’ve ever shared – there’s something about Amy’s enthusiasm that people always seem to connect with. I hope you enjoy it!

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Mark McGuinness

* Note from Amy: If it doesn’t have a banjo, it ain’t bluegrass. 😉